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The question of choosing a gift — always remains relevant! What to give in order not to be mistaken? You will not surprise anyone with big gifts, household utensils or household appliances ... And does your girlfriend deserve to be congratulated with stereotypes from cheap films about love?

We will help solve your problem.

Our company offers an exclusive souvenir — doll caskets. Russian beauty — completely handmade. There are no identical dolls! Each has its own peculiarity and unusual!

Choosing our souvenir, you, like a real magician, will make the holiday unforgettable!

цена за 1000 стежков
50-100 шт
8 руб.
100-500 шт
6 руб.
500-1000 шт
4,5 руб.
свыше 1000 шт
от 3 руб.