Tissue Care



Care rules vary depending on the composition of the gabardine. You should always clarify the type of matter and follow the care instructions. Information can be found on the label.



Given all the properties of the material, there are a number of wishes for the operation of staple products. In order for things to serve for a long time and not lose their original appearance, care should be taken.

How to wash

  • It is recommended to use the delicate machine wash mode.
  • The temperature should not be above 40 degrees.
  • Avoid aggressive detergents.
  • If you want to get rid of the stain on the product, then before sending it to the washing machine, it is recommended to wipe it with powder.

How to wring

  • Manually.
  • Extremely carefully so that things do not deform.

How to dry

  • In a typewriter is not desirable.

How to iron

  • From the inside out.
  • Through gauze or other similar tissue.

How to store

  • Away from dusty and humid places.


Today, linen clothes are becoming more and more popular. It is understandable, because flax is an environmentally friendly material that allows the skin to breathe. Moreover, flax has a huge number of positive properties. One of them is the incomparable appearance. Clothing made of flax can always be recognized by its characteristic trait — it is wrinkled badly! It is she who gives a special charm to things.

In order for clothes sewn from linen to serve you for a long time and deliver a lot of positive moments, you need to properly care for them.

Linen is washed at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. It is better not to use washing powders containing bleaching agents. In the automatic machine, gentle or delicate washing is recommended. Since flax has an increased crease, mechanical compression, in the drum of the machine, which usually occurs during the spin cycle, is not recommended. From this we can conclude that linen clothes are best washed by hand.

Do not squeeze flax strongly after hand washing. Drying linen shirts, jackets, jackets and blouses is better on the shoulders. Ironing linen items is easier when they are slightly damp with a well-heated steam iron. When stitching linen trousers, remember that they can shrink in length after the first wash, so leave a small margin of about 2 cm. To refresh the color of black fabrics, add a pinch of salt to the water. When rinsing colored linen fabrics, add one tablespoon of a bite to the water — the thing will not fade, and the colors will be brighter.

Having remembered these simple instructions for caring for linen products, you can safely expand your wardrobe without fear of making an expensive mistake, since linen clothes, due to many of their positive properties for the body, are sometimes very, very expensive.